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The map above references our general delivery area. Delivery to all areas is not guaranteed. Delivery area subject to change without notice.


Delivery fees for In-Zone Immediate Delivery Area are based on order total:

In-Zone Delivery Area:

$5.00 for orders over $20.



The delivery fee is a per order fee. One flat fee for your whole order.

All purchases must be paid for before the products leave our premises by credit/debit card or PayPal. We do not accept cash for delivery orders.

Delivery Hours:

Sunday – Thursday: Orders must be placed between 8:00 AM and 10:00 PM.

Friday & Saturday: Orders must be placed between 8:00 AM and 12:00 AM.

If an order is places outside of delivery hours, we will contact you the following morning during business hours. If we are unable to reach you within 12 hours after the order was placed, the order will be refunded.


Rules and Restrictions

Purchase of Alcoholic Products

Saguaro Express Liquor abides by all applicable regulations set forth by City, County, State, and Federal agencies. Under no circumstances will Saguaro Express Liquor violate any regulations set by the aforementioned agencies. By law, we are required to document each delivery on a “State Record of Delivery” Form. State Regulations regarding the sale of alcohol can be viewed HERE. We reserve the right to refuse service in situations that we feel may compromise our compliance with any laws and/or regulations.


Delivery of Products

Orders are sent our on-demand. As soon as an order comes in, it is picked and then sent out for delivery.

In order to keep our service timely, our drivers may wait up to and not longer than five minutes after arrival if there is no one to answer the door or receive the delivery. At this point, we will attempt to phone you. If we are unable to reach you to complete delivery, the order will be cleared, returned to our store and the order will be refunded less the delivery fee and 20% of the subtotal.

If any items in your order happen to be out of stock, we will contact you immediately to resolve the issue.  If we can not get in contact with you, your order will be processed and sent for delivery minus the out of stock item(s) and you will be refunded the amount for those items.

If an order is canceled after the order has been placed in “Shipped (Out for Delivery)” status, the order will be canceled and refunded less the delivery fee and 20% of the order subtotal restocking fee.

If an order is placed with delivery information that is different from the billing information, i.e. gift orders, we may contact both parties to verify the order before sending it out for delivery. For third party purchases, such as gift deliveries, we may request that the billing party send us additional documentation to verify that age requirements are met pursuant to legal regulations. Third party purchases, including but not limited to gift orders, will not be sent out for delivery without prior verification. If we are unable to contact either party before the end of the business day, or are unable to satisfy verification requirements, the order will be refunded in full.

Delivery MUST be signed for by either the Billing party or Recipient. Identification MUST match one of the aforementioned parties.

If the order is sent to a wrong address that was provided by the customer or any other reason as to why we cannot complete delivery as a result of user including but not limited to no answer, refusal upon arrival, etc, we will contact you to notify you that your order will be cleared, returned to the store, and refunded less a 20% delivery and restocking fee in order to cover labor and fuel costs for time lost. You may request that the balance be applied as store credit so you may re-order with the correct delivery information. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will we modify the delivery address during delivery.

Your order will arrive with an invoice and/or order confirmation with a listing of the item(s) that have been billed and delivered.

Please note, we are NOT responsible for delays in delivery due to user error, i.e. incorrect contact and/or delivery information.